Minutes & Financials


​The HOA Board Members hold monthly management meetings that are open to all members of the neighborhood and any other interested parties. Monthly meetings are held at the Piedmont Civic Center every 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7PM. 


Annual meetings are held each year in addition to the monthly meetings in June. 

A Semi-Annual meeting will be held in January of any year business at hand deems one necessary. 


The date, time and location of each meeting is announced at least 30 days prior to the annual and semi-annual meetings through the NWLE newsletter. 



Financials are prepared each month, after the calendar month ends, on a cash basis. They are reviewed by the HOA Council Members and approved and/or discussed as needed at every monthly meeting. 


The monthly balance sheet and profit/loss statement are added to this site by month upon completion.  For prior years, view the archives section below the list. 


Any questions regarding accounting and financial reporting should be directed to HOA Services of OK at 405-753-0695.



Balance Sheet