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Delinquency Will Deactivate Fobs

Per the agreement for the fobs, all accounts that are still outstanding on 10/1 will receive a final reminder to pay delinquent dues. As of 10/15, any accounts that remain unpaid will have all fobs related to unpaid accounts deactivated.  The only way to reactivate the fobs will be to bring the account current.  To prevent this, you can call or email HOA Services for your account balance and send payment in full prior to 10/15.


Article current as of: 09/09/20

Gate Fob Information

The Cemetery and Oakhill access gate and the lake gate are both operated by a fob that you can obtain from HOA.

Fobs are to be purchased by homeowners and used by homeowners only.  Price for each opener is $32.50. You can purchase on for members of your current household only


You must be current on your HOA dues to receive key fobs.


You can obtain a fob by calling 405-312-4270 and leaving a message (the greeting will say HOA Services). 



Article current as of: 06/10/20


07/08/2024 @ 7:00PM

Monthly Board Meeting

Piedmont Civic Center

314 Edmond Road 

Late Fee Assessed on HOA Dues

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