Frequently Asked Questions


When are dues late and are there penalties?

What is the due date for HOA dues?

Why is there a lien on my house by NWLE?

What are the road assessments used for?

How much are dues for NWLE?

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Can I volunteer for the neighborhood security patrol?

Why is there a cop at the lake or spillway area?

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What do the funds from the road assessments go to?

Why did my road get turned into a gravel road?

Why do we have a yearly road assessment?

How much have we spent on the roads from our assessment this year?

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How do I get a key to access the lake?

What do I do with my key to the lake gate when I move?

Can I access the lake if I am not current on my dues?

Can I ski and/or fish on the lake?

Do I need to register my boat for use on the neighborhood lake?

Can my friends and family use the lake and dam area?

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What is the minimum square footage required to build in NWLE?

I own a single lot, can I build a home in NWLE?

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